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here we go.

And, today I go to orientation. There’s not much more point to this post other than to say that, for some sort of keeping track such as this blog is (as opposed to my Twitter account, which has much more spur of the moment reflections). Despite that this isn’t, perhaps, quite the way I had envisioned my […]

one step forward…

I feel like I should have seen this coming. I have a long and complicated history of burnout, as those of you who have been around here for a while probably already know. I bounce through jobs like a revolving door met a Ferris wheel and had a good old-fashioned frolic in the new-mown hay. This […]


Sometimes no matter how well you’re prepared for change to come, it still surprises you. Last Wednesday, I turned in the truck and my keys and resigned from my job. I’ve been contemplating what my life will look like after trucking for a while now, but the truth of the matter is that my entire […]