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keyboard woes

I knew that installing custom keyboards was buggy. Considering that the keyboard layout creator is barely supported at all? It was to be expected. It took several cycles of reboots and adding the keyboards and deleting the keyboards and then rebooting again for me to get my keyboards the way I have them now. And for me, […]

custom US extended keyboard

Quick note: Installing keyboards is probably broken. I keep making keyboards. This time because there are many features and characters that you can type from an Apple keyboard easily, and that’s what I’m used to, and I kept in particular missing the ellipsis when I’m using Twitter. Look, it has a character limit and sometimes that […]

Hebrew QWERTY phonetic keyboard, part 2

Quick note: Installing keyboards is probably broken. As I said previously, it’s been write documentation time. One of the great things about writing documentation is that you find your own mistakes, or figure out some way in which the project that you’re working on could be better. Simultaneously, one of the worst things about it […]

Hebrew QWERTY phonetic keyboard, part 1

I recently got a new laptop. To start with, it’s the first laptop that I’ve bought in approximately eight years. And, it’s a Windows computer. (All of my previous computers, with the exception of one tower computer that ran Windows 2000, have been Apple.) One of my intentions now that I had the computer was […]