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keyboard woes

I knew that installing custom keyboards was buggy. Considering that the keyboard layout creator is barely supported at all? It was to be expected.

It took several cycles of reboots and adding the keyboards and deleting the keyboards and then rebooting again for me to get my keyboards the way I have them now. And for me, that was worth it because it meant that I was able to make my computer feel familiar, which in turn means I’m going to use it more.

However, buyer beware et cetera. It is quite possible that the process which previously worked is now totally borked. Which, although unfortunate, isn’t super surprising; so I’m just going to note that, as with anything, installing custom keyboards is something we all choose to do at our own risk, please don’t do so if you don’t feel confident fixing things and tinkering about.

Thanks, have fun, good luck, and remember, none of it matters at the end of the night.


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